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Infectious SocioPatterns visualization

In the SocioPatterns gallery we published a¬†visualization of sixty-nine days of face-to-face contact activity¬†among more than 30,000 persons based on data collected during the¬†INFECTIOUS: STAY AWAY exhibition in the Science Gallery in Dublin, Ireland.¬†Read more…

Left: Detail of visualization. Right: The complete visualization poster.

Left: Detail of visualization. Right: The complete visualization poster.

Pixelache 2011: Map me if you will

Coming March I will give a talk in the ‘Map me if you will’ seminar at the Pixelache Festival of electronic art and subcultures in Helsinki. I will also participate in the related Mapping in Progress workshop on current mapping projects such as Practice Mapping (see this¬†blog entry). I’m really looking forward to both opportunities for auspicious interaction with the community and hope you will be there as well!

Pixelache 2001 logo

Practice Mapping project page

I just published a new project page that provides an overview of the context, objectives and results of the Practice Mapping project, which took part in the Interactivos? workshop in LABoral, Gijon, Spain, in April 2010.

Left: detail of LABoral entrance. Right: the main workshop space.

Recent activities

Data Driven Dynamical Networks

From September 26 till October 1, we organized the Data Driven Dynamical Network workshop in Les Houches, France. We brought together a group of people from a variety of scientific backgrounds to share insights in the collection, analysis, application and visualization of data driven dynamical networks.

Connecting the Dots

On 22 October, I gave a talk about Visualizing SocioPatterns at Connecting the Dots, a Network Visualization Symposium at Harvard University, organized by Samuel Arbesman, Michael Barnett, and Jukka-Pekka Onnela from the Harvard Medical School.

GLEaMviz Simulator v2.6

We recently released a new version -v2.6- of the GLEaMviz Simulator application in which we provide an improved visualization of the epidemic spreading. The following movie provides some examples of how this new visualization shows the number of new cases at the cell-level, instead of the less precise basin-level incidence representation used in the previous versions.

The user can now also select from a number of backdrop maps onto which the visualization is projected, details of which are shown in the following figure. The left option is based on the NASA Blue Marble map, while the other two provide a more neutral base onto which the cell-level cases can be inspected with greater visual accuracy.

Samples of the three backdrop maps from which the user can choose.

Samples of the three backdrop maps from which the user can choose.

Epidemic Planet

Super Computer A new version of the Epidemic Planet exhibit, now with the new visualization of GLEaMviz Simulator v2.6, was shown in the Exhibition hall of the International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis (SC10), that was held in New Orleans, Louisiana, from November 13th to 19th. The exhibit was hosted at the booth of the Indiana University, partner of the GLEaMviz project.

The Epidemic Planet is currently also shown in CosmoCaixa Mòbil РTecnorevolución, a traveling exhibition by the Cosmo Caixa science museum that will set up show in a number of cities in Spain.

SocioPatterns papers

Our principal SocioPatterns paper has been published on PLoS ONE:

We also recently published two papers on the Live Social Semantics experiment in which the SocioPatterns platform was used:

SocioPatterns in ScienceMAG

Science logoOur SocioPatterns project is covered in an article on ScienceMAG.

Practice Mapping at Interactivos?

Small network between two people and a copy machineMarco Quaggiotto and myself have been preparing an artscience project called Practice Mapping. The first chapter of this project will take place during the Interactivos? Process as Paradigm workshop co-organized by LABoral and Medialab-Prado. You can read more about this project on

Live Social Semantics

We just published a new post on about our Live Social Semantics experiment. I created the following movie included in this post. It provides an overview of the user-facing functionality involved in the Live Social Semantics project, a collaboration between the SocioPatterns project and the University of Southampton partners in the TAGora project.

The Live Social Semantics project integrates real-time face-to-face social interaction detection using active RFID, with linked data from the semantic web, and data for social networking sites. This system was deployed at two conferences during the spring of 2009. This movie includes excerpts from the real-time visualisation during the Hypertext’09 conference and the online social network browsing tool.

Our Infectious SocioPatterns experiment in Science

This week’s edition of Science magazine contains this article by John Bohannon about our SocioPatterns experiment at the Infectious exhibition in the Science Gallery in Dublin.

Spreading The Flu, Science Magazine, May 22, 2009

Spreading The Flu, Science Magazine, May 22, 2009

Interview with Ciro and myself on SocioPatterns in Dublin

This is an interview with Ciro and myself on our deployment of SocioPatterns at the Infectious exhibition at the Science Gallery in Dublin. Notice Ciro’s dramaticity and my overt enthusiasm ūüėČ