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SocioPatterns in ScienceMAG

Science logoOur SocioPatterns project is covered in an article on ScienceMAG.

Practice Mapping at Interactivos?

Small network between two people and a copy machineMarco Quaggiotto and myself have been preparing an artscience project called Practice Mapping. The first chapter of this project will take place during the Interactivos? Process as Paradigm workshop co-organized by LABoral and Medialab-Prado. You can read more about this project on

Epidemic Planet v2

Epidemic Planet poster

Epidemic Planet poster

I am currently working on the next version of the Epidemic Planet installation, which will be exhibited at the Edinburgh International Science Festival in collaboration with the British Society for Immunology. In this new version, visitors will observe the evolution of the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic since its early origin in Mexico, and will discover how the air traffic and commuting flows determined the spreading patterns of the flu worldwide, and how different intervention scenarios could have influenced this spreading. For more information see this post on

Data driven dynamical networks workshop

Let me kindly invite you to join us for the “Data driven dynamical networks” workshop from 26 September till 1 October, 2010, in Les Houches, France, right next to the Mont Blanc. We will consider various aspects of dynamic networks, including the visualization of such networks.

Live Social Semantics

We just published a new post on about our Live Social Semantics experiment. I created the following movie included in this post. It provides an overview of the user-facing functionality involved in the Live Social Semantics project, a collaboration between the SocioPatterns project and the University of Southampton partners in the TAGora project.

The Live Social Semantics project integrates real-time face-to-face social interaction detection using active RFID, with linked data from the semantic web, and data for social networking sites. This system was deployed at two conferences during the spring of 2009. This movie includes excerpts from the real-time visualisation during the Hypertext’09 conference and the online social network browsing tool.


Another project I have been involved in at ISI is the GLEaMviz project, in which I’m primarily dealing with visualization and dissemination. I have for instance developed the Epidemic Planet visualization currently on display at the Infectious exhibition in the Trinity College Science Gallery in Dublin. You can read a bit more about this exhibit on this blog post. This visualization is a multi-window Adobe Air app. The movies are pre-rended in another Adobe Air app, which is the actual GLEaMviz app.

The GLEaMviz app provides a multi-scale temporal visualization of the data produced by the GLEaM modeling system. The app provides an interactive interfacing mode and can also export frames, one for each timestep, which can then be compiled in a movie. I plan to provide more info, screenshots, and movies, but I’m currently very busy with the Mexican Flu spread projections reporting on

SocioPatterns project

Since my move to the ISI Foundation in Torino, I have been busy setting up a couple of exciting projects. One of these projects is SocioPatterns. It involves active RFID tags which we use to sense social interactions, and real-time visualizations that represent those interactions.

Moving to Torino

isi-logoAfter having spent close to three years at the Sony Computer Science Laboratory (CSL) in Paris, I’m shifting gears and will join the Complex Networks unit of the Complex Systems Lagrange Laboratory at the Institute for Scientific Interchange (ISI) in Torino, Italy (locate ISI in Google Earth.)

I will be joining a top-notch team whose members routinely blend statistical physics and computer science in order to study the topology and behaviour of complex systems. My contribution will be to further extend the use of contemporary internet technologies such as collaboration-oriented socio-technical systems for conducting internet-based experiments in e.g. social dynamics.

What I plan to do in Torino could be described as a next step in the reintegration of my recent activities as a scientific researcher, and my earlier activities as a new-media artist/developer.

A perfect time, I figured, to start communicating on a more regular basis about these activities, hence this new blog-like website. You can subscribe to the accompanying low-volume RSS feed if you wish to be kept up-to-date.