Wouter Van den Broeck first worked as an independent designer and was active in a non-profit organization called Amphion, which he founded together with Dimitri Vermeiren. In 1996, Wouter co-founded Amphion Multi-Media, a new-media design studio in which he was active till 2000. He has since been operating under the name Addith.

In 1995 Wouter launched his first website called Kamers met Zicht (rooms with a view), later renamed to simply Amphion. This site was dedicated to contemporary non-mainstream culture in Antwerp, with a mild focus on electronic music, DJ culture and nightlife. It was initially hosted on Digitale Metropool Antwerpen, the then brand new online portal of the city of Antwerp.

Besides working on the cultural content projects hosted in the Amphion mother-site, Wouter also designed and developed various websites and CD/ROMs for cultural and corporate clients. He also collaborated on digital art projects, notably with Boy & Erik Stappaerts on the B&E Museum virtualization and CD/Rom project.

media-programme-logo-180In 1999, Wouter left Amphion to pursue a new project for which he obtained the support of the MEDIA programme of the European Union. The objective of this project was to perform the initial R&D for a dynamic narrative media product called ComplekCity. This product was meant to be deployed on a computational medium, just like computer games. Unlike games however, the focus would be on narrative instead of competition and eye-hand coordination skills. The narrative engine was to operate on a dynamic semantic network in which all relevant relations in the narrative domain were encoded. This network was to be authored such that it formed a complex system on the «edge of chaos». The idea was (and still is) that the narrative would emerge through the spectator’s interaction with this dynamic system.

vub-logo-smallAfter having worked on this project for almost two years, and having learned a lot, Wouter concluded he lacked the necessary programming skills and understanding of artificial intelligence to further pursue his dynamic narrative plans. After brief stints in Amsterdam and California, refining his Flash programming skills on a multi-user interaction/gaming framework, Wouter decided to enroll as a computer science student at the VUB university of Brussels.

Sony CSL logo

Four years later he graduated summa cum laude and was invited to join the language team in the Sony Computer Science Laboratory in Paris to engage in pre-doctoral research. This team builds on a pioneering line of research led by Luc Steels. It investigates the ways in which artificial agents can self-organize a language with natural-language like properties. This long-term project currently focusses on the emergence of grammar. Wouter’s contribution deals with the compositional meaning aspect of this problem. Over the course of two years, he developed a constraint-based system that can represent, interpret, conceptualize and learn compositional meaning. Although this system is primarily meant to be used in multi-agent experiments in emergent grammar, Wouter hopes to one day pursue some of the other potential applications he has in mind.

isi-logoIn April 2008, Wouter joined the Complex Networks unit of the Complex Systems Lagrange Laboratory at the Institute for Scientific Interchange (ISI) in Torino, Italy (locate ISI in Google Earth.) This group routinely blends statistical physics and computer science in order to study the topology and behaviour of complex systems. Wouter’s work focussed on the visualization of complex dynamic systems, gradually integrating his scientific and design personas.

In october 2012 Wouter started teaching for the new professional bachelor programme in multimedia and communication technology in the Design & Technology department of the Erasmus University College Brussels (Erasmushogeschool Brussel) in Belgium. He lectures an introductory creative programming course and advanced courses on data visualisation and interactive storytelling. Next to this lecturing, Wouter is also involved in research on data visualisation for wearable devices.

Wouter is also available for select freelance data visualisation projects.

Curriculum Vitae

Wouter’s Curriculum Vitae (57KB PDF) provides a more detailed overview of his professional experience, artistic accomplishments, education, press coverage, etc.

Academic publications

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