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Pixelache 2011: Map me if you will

Coming March I will give a talk in the ‘Map me if you will’ seminar at the Pixelache Festival of electronic art and subcultures in Helsinki. I will also participate in the related Mapping in Progress workshop on current mapping projects such as Practice Mapping (see thisĀ blog entry). I’m really looking forward to both opportunities for auspicious interaction with the community and hope you will be there as well!

Pixelache 2001 logo

Practice Mapping project page

I just published a new project page that provides an overview of the context, objectives and results of the Practice Mapping project, which took part in the Interactivos? workshop in LABoral, Gijon, Spain, in April 2010.

Left: detail of LABoral entrance. Right: the main workshop space.

Practice Mapping at Interactivos?

Small network between two people and a copy machineMarco Quaggiotto and myself have been preparing an artscience project called Practice Mapping. The first chapter of this project will take place during the Interactivos? Process as Paradigm workshop co-organized by LABoral and Medialab-Prado. You can read more about this project on