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SocioPatterns papers

Our principal SocioPatterns paper has been published on PLoS ONE:

We also recently published two papers on the Live Social Semantics experiment in which the SocioPatterns platform was used:

Live Social Semantics

We just published a new post on about our Live Social Semantics experiment. I created the following movie included in this post. It provides an overview of the user-facing functionality involved in the Live Social Semantics project, a collaboration between the SocioPatterns project and the University of Southampton partners in the TAGora project.

The Live Social Semantics project integrates real-time face-to-face social interaction detection using active RFID, with linked data from the semantic web, and data for social networking sites. This system was deployed at two conferences during the spring of 2009. This movie includes excerpts from the real-time visualisation during the Hypertext’09 conference and the online social network browsing tool.