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Recent papers

The GLEaMviz computational tool, a publicly available software to explore realistic epidemic spreading scenarios at the global scale

in: BMC Infectious Diseases

authors: Wouter Van den Broeck, Corrado Gioannini, Bruno Goncalves, Marco Quaggiotto, Vittoria Colizza, Alessandro Vespignani.

This paper discusses the objectives and functionalities offered by the GLEaMviz Simulator system, comparing these with similar publicly available software tools. A detailed description of the implementation of both the client-side and server-side components that comprise the complete system are given, and a realistic simulation example and its results are discussed.

What’s in a crowd? Analysis of face-to-face behavioral networks

in: Journal of Theoretical Biology

authors: Lorenzo Isella, Juliette Stehlé, Alain Barrat, Ciro Cattuto, Jean-François Pinton, and Wouter Van den Broeck.

This paper presents some interesting analysis of the face-to-face contact data collected with the SocioPatterns sensing platform, compare two settings with very different properties: a scientific conference and a long-running museum exhibition.

GLEaMviz Simulator released

We recently released a publicly accessible version of the GLEaMviz Simulator. This client-server system allows its user to design, execute and visualize simulations of world-wide epidemic outbreaks. I have updated my related project page, providing a overview of this novel system’s functionality. You can, of course, also try it out yourself.

Epidemic Planet v2

Epidemic Planet poster

Epidemic Planet poster

I am currently working on the next version of the Epidemic Planet installation, which will be exhibited at the Edinburgh International Science Festival in collaboration with the British Society for Immunology. In this new version, visitors will observe the evolution of the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic since its early origin in Mexico, and will discover how the air traffic and commuting flows determined the spreading patterns of the flu worldwide, and how different intervention scenarios could have influenced this spreading. For more information see this post on

Interview on Epidemic Planet

This is another interview with yours truly recorded during the hectic opening of the Infectious exhibition in the Science Gallery in Dublin. This interview is about the Epidemic Planet visualization application I developed in the context of the GLEaMviz project.


Another project I have been involved in at ISI is the GLEaMviz project, in which I’m primarily dealing with visualization and dissemination. I have for instance developed the Epidemic Planet visualization currently on display at the Infectious exhibition in the Trinity College Science Gallery in Dublin. You can read a bit more about this exhibit on this blog post. This visualization is a multi-window Adobe Air app. The movies are pre-rended in another Adobe Air app, which is the actual GLEaMviz app.

The GLEaMviz app provides a multi-scale temporal visualization of the data produced by the GLEaM modeling system. The app provides an interactive interfacing mode and can also export frames, one for each timestep, which can then be compiled in a movie. I plan to provide more info, screenshots, and movies, but I’m currently very busy with the Mexican Flu spread projections reporting on