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Directing the program

Sometimes situations evolve at warp speed. After one year of teaching, I became the program director of Multec, the new professional bachelor in multimedia and communication technology at the Erasmushogeschool Brussel. I replaced Frank Lanssens, who became the director of the new Design & Technology department that hosts the Multec program.

Teaching Creative Programming at Multec

In october I started teaching Creative Programming in the brand new Multec programme at the Erasmus University College in Brussels. This programme aims to train professional bachelors in multimedia and communication technologies. In this training we equally stress technology, creativity and design. My first course introduces the students to the art of structured creative programming in the Processing environment.

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Investigating the Language of Network Representations

The first in a series of workshops in which we will investigate the language of network representations, will be held in October at the École de Recherche Graphique in Brussels. Most of the participants will be students of the “Master Atelier Pluridisciplinaire Pratiques Graphiques et Complexité Scientifique”, but there are some places available for external participants. Visit for more information.

Investigating the Language of Network Representations


I will be teaching at BIG DIVE, a four-week training program to boost the technical skills needed to dive into the BIG DATA universe. This program will be held in October in Turin, Italy.

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