New publications

Two new papers I’m involved in, one published recently, the other about to be published:

  • H. Alani, M. Szomsor, C. Cattuto, W. Van den Broeck, G. Correndo, A. Barrat. Live Social Semantics, 8th International Semantic Web Conference ISWC2009. download document
  • Duygu Balcan , Hao Hu , Bruno Gonçalves , Paolo Bajardi , Chiara Poletto , Jose J Ramasco , Daniela Paolotti , Nicola Perra , Michele Tizzoni , Wouter Van den Broeck , Vittoria Colizza and Alessandro Vespignani. Seasonal transmission potential and activity peaks of the new influenza A(H1N1): a Monte Carlo likelihood analysis based on human mobility. BMC Medicine 2009, 7:45. download document

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